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Stairs Sanding and Polishing

Stairs, Staircase Balustrade Restoration, Sanding and Polishing

Any one who ever planed to restore balustrade or to have staircase sand and polished learned it's almost impossible to find flooring company in Melbourne willing to do it.

Staircase Restoration Sanding and Polishing

When it comes to Staircase and barrister restoration, Gm Flooring has been proud specialist and one of the very few flooring companies in Melbourne to have necessary skills and experience to do the job properly. We've got years of long experience dealing with a wide variety of wooden stairs and barristers.

Staircase sanding and polishing is a delicate - labour intensive process during which only small sanding tools are used and wast majority of the work needs is done by hand. However, once finished, the old staircase can become a stunning centrepiece in your home.

As any other part of wooden flooring in your house, stairs can be sanded and restored to their beautiful natural look. Covering the beautiful appearance of any wooden staircases with carpets is a shame.

We offer the ultimate floor and stairs restoration services in Melbourne.

Once finished and sanded properly, giving them enough care, wooden stairs can be stained and coloured or just sealed with clear varnish or oil. There are extremely hard wearing wood floor sealants available today for areas like stairs where high level of foot traffic is expected, so you should not worry about the durability of the floor finish.

Balustrade Restoration

When restoring your staircase, you can not miss sanding and restoring balustrade as well. It will create feeling of a complete renovation in your home.

Balustrades Restoration

Balustrade complement your staircase and their appearance is extremely important for the overall look and feel of the interior.

Waste majority of scratched, dull or damaged balustrade can be restored simply by sanding and re-finishing.

Balustrade as well as stairs are precise work that require craftsmanship, patience and attention to detail. Despite the time and labour consuming process, Balustrade restoration and staining is well worth and rewording. It will bring back the natural beauty of the wood and will contribute to the style and comfort in any type of interior.

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